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Virtual Organizing & Coaching

Virtual professional organizing and coaching, conducted through virtual sessions with owner Morgan Luke, represents a contemporary solution for achieving organizational goals, especially suited for individuals facing time constraints, budget limitations, or geographical barriers.

Using digital platforms like video calls and email, Morgan Luke guides clients remotely in decluttering spaces, optimizing workflows, and establishing personalized organizational systems. This flexible format accommodates clients' schedules, regardless of their location or time zone, making it accessible to EVERYONE!

 It's also an ideal service for those who have previously worked with organizers and are seeking guidance on maintaining their spaces long-term. Clients have the option to implement strategies independently or seek assistance from friends or other professionals during coaching sessions. This approach ensures that organizational improvements are not only achievable but also sustainable, fostering efficient management of spaces tailored to each client's unique needs and circumstances.

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Virtual Organizing and coaching sessions range between $75 – $85 per hour with a 3-hour package minimum. 

Purchase the hours by clicking the link below. When the session time arrives, Morgan will join you on Google Meet or contact you via the phone number you provided in the booking form.

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