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Organizing is Self-Care

One of the many beautiful things about self-care is that each of us defines it a little differently. I truly believe that every human should carve out a little time each day to work on themselves, and to feel good, whatever that may be! For some it means going for a run and taking a hot bath, for others it’s having a cup of tea and reading a good book.

What I want to share with you, is a practice of self-care that EVERY single person would agree makes them feel good!

It also happens to be a practice of self-care that very few people are doing as part of their self-care routine.


Don’t worry... I’m not telling you to go tackle the basement, or even the Tupperware cabinet. ...Thank goodness, right?!

The idea is to pick one small space that you look at, or use, every single day. It could be a desk- especially if you are working from home, a reading nook, the kitchen counter and refrigerator, a tool bench in the garage, maybe the inside of your car! For me, it’s the top of my dresser. I love to wake up and see a clear and beautiful space.

Now that you have picked your space, throw away any garbage! You might be surprised what garbage has been sitting right in front of your nose, secretly creating what I call "mess-stress"!

...Empty pill bottles, pens that don’t work, old sugar packets that you will never use, etc.

Next, remove anything that doesn’t belong in the space and put it where it does belong.

Now, remove everything from the surfaces and wipe them down. When putting back the remaining items, put them back in a way that makes you feel happy and productive, or cozy and relaxed. Again, the goals of the space are unique to us all!

While you are doing this, think of this space your "zen garden". (If you are unfamiliar with zen gardens, here is a link to a website with some information on Zen Gardens.)

The placement of your items should be intentional and personal. This is YOUR space and it should make YOU feel good.

You are done! And let's be honest- it didn't take very much time, or effort, and you feel great!

I hope you enjoy this method of self-care!

I would love to hear about your routine and how organizing as helped you!

insta: @sorting_for_serenity

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