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Are you stressed about your mess?

Sorting For Serenity

is here to help!

Professional Organizing

for The Capital Region of NY

and Surrounding Areas

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed with the disorder of your home?

Is your clutter preventing you from enjoying your home and your space?

Do you feel like you are crushing goals outside of the home...but your clutter is constantly causing you stress at home?  ​

Maybe you feel like you’ve lost your identity in the chaos and overwhelm of your belongings.


Perhaps you have gotten to the point where your whole home, or a space inside your home, is something that you now just avoid all together. 

Finding the time and energy can feel nearly impossible...and it's even harder to get the family on board!

Check out some favorite
Before & After Photos 

Plus, the process of decluttering can feel so overwhelming! Without systems in place that work specifically for you, keeping things organized and on schedule can seem impossible.

...You’re not alone!

As a Professional Organizer, I will create a functional and peaceful space, where there was once clutter and chaos. 


A 100% judgement free Consultation followed by the process of purging, sorting, categorizing, and labeling, will leave you feeling calm, collected, and clutter free! 

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Product shopping can be overwhelming and time consuming .

That is why Sorting For Serenity has expertly selected organizing products for your whole home and put them all in one place!

As seen in


Organization for a Simplified life.

Sorting for Serenity will work with your needs, vision, timeline, and budget to help create systems that work for you so that you can better utilize the spaces you love.

You, your loved ones, your items, and your spaces, will be treated with
respect, empathy, kindness, and support

Ready To Get Started?

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