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Ready to Get Organized? Start With a Free Phone Consultation!

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​In this complimentary, no-obligation call, we'll cover your specific organizing needs, the challenges you face, and we'll share our organizing process with you. Everything you share with us is 100% confidential & judgment-free. This is a required first step for all services.

​Organizing Packages Based on Project Size

All packages include: Planning, decluttering, organizing, long-term maintenance strategies, removal of donations and garbage (one carload per session), product recommendations, and 30-day follow-up email support.

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With 2 Organizers this package is completed in just 5 hours. Which means in just one day your office, kitchen, pantry, or bedroom could be completely transformed. Do you have a space that could use a little love and a lot of organizing? This package is for you. 

(Save $50)

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(Save $200)

 With 2 organizers, this package is completed in just two 5 hour sessions. This is a great package for garage or attic clean outs, unpacking, occupied staging, and downsizing.  



(Save $450)

Are you feeling overwhelmed with just about every room in the house? We can help. This Package is offered in both 3 hour and 5 hour increments, and is completed in 15 hours with 2 organizers.  Perfect for large projects with a deadline, and also for more gradual full home downsizing, organizing, and maintenance. 

Hourly rates available at $90/hour 

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