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"Morgan can organize anything! She has such a simple approach to things, you don’t get overwhelmed. Whether it’s a big or small space, she’s so good at figuring out how to best utilize the space. And she’s definitely the best at distinguishing keepsake and hoarding, because I never could"

~Jodi W.

"Morgan has changed my life with her organizing lessons and skills! I had a small bedroom with tons of clutter from childhood through college and she helped me organize it all. She managed to help me keep the things I loved while making the room look organized and beautiful enough to be a guest bedroom! I am so thankful for her help!"

~Courtney F.

"Sorting for serenity offers me peace of mind, an invaluable feeling when overwhelm is always lurking. I know that all I need to do is call sorting for serenity and my feelings of overwhelm will banish as Morgan makes my home tidy and organized."

~Krissy B.

"Morgan is amazing! She came in and immediately put me at ease. I was so impressed with her professionalism and expertise. I will continue to seek her help for more projects! This is a perfect name for what she does! Would recommend her to everyone I know!"


~Tenneil G 

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