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Brain Clutter and Anxiety

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I could have a million things to do, and I feel like I cant get anything done until my home, and more importantly my brain, is organized.

Sometimes this can be helpful!- I get motivated to get organized and then move on to the tasks that need to be accomplished. perfect.

Other times. Everything comes to a screeching halt! Yikes!

Then come the feelings of anxiety and frustration. I know that many of you reading this can relate.

There are many reasons for why Clutter and Anxiety are so closely related.

1. Clutter tells our brains that “there is always work to be done”

2. Clutter prevents us from enjoying our spaces especially those that are used for being creative and/or relaxing, which are activities that reduce stress.

3. When we cant find the items we are looking for we end up rushed, stressed, and sometimes have to spend money on replacing items you have misplaced. (which no one really wants to do)

4. Clutter creates insecurities about your ability to take care of a home. Sometimes we feel embarrassed or ashamed about our clutter- especially if someone drops by unexpectedly.

Even as a professional organizer, I can tell you that you are not alone.

OK, OK. You are probably waiting for me to get to the point!

~How can we get our brains organized in a way that can actually reduce our stress everyday, and make us more productive?!

1. First…. drumroll please…. I make my bed!

It might not seem like a big deal, but I find that even if there are clothes all over the floor, when the bed is made, I feel ready to begin the day, and when I walk into my bedroom I don't feel as stressed.

Making the bed is also helpful because if you do decide to tackle all of those clothes that are everywhere, you now have a clean flat surface to sort and fold clothing.

2. The to-do list

When our brains are unorganized, it can be very stressful trying to keep our priorities on track- SO MUCH TO DO. SO LITTLE TIME TO DO IT. This is when I write everything down.

Make a list of things that need to be done, especially those things that are weighing heavily on your mind, AND those things that are easy to forget!

3. Schedule Tasks

Once you have made your list, schedule the tasks by writing them down on a monthly, weekly, or daily calendar (or, like me, all 3!)

For my daily tasks- I have a simple Sunday-Saturday dry erase calendar that I keep on my fridge.

This is where I write things like:

Monday- “Laundry- fold and PUT AWAY”

“Emma Dance Class @ 3:30pm”

Tuesday- “Clean Kitchen and Downstairs Bathroom”

Wednesday- “Vacuum all floors”, Jon Doctor @ 10:00am


This sends 3 messages to my brain:

1. that it doesn't ALL have to be done right now

2. it WILL get done

3. I don't have to Remember to get it done because now it is written down. YAY!

(Now I have a little room in my brain for other more important things.)


I personally love to write things down on my dry erase board where I can always see it, and I also love my organizer/planner that I carry with me everywhere.

Some people find that the calendar, and to do list apps on their phone are more their style. And that is fine if it is something you will open up and look at everyday.

As a Professional Organizer I completely understand the importance of keeping spaces and items organized, but if there is no mental organization

stress levels go up

and productivity goes down.

Most of us are too busy with life to be decluttering each and every area of our homes everyday. So, what you can do, is designate tasks and goals for that “week” or even “month” depending on the scope of the project (ie. the garage).

For example, This week my goal is tidying the upstairs coat closet, and next week I am going through and filing all paperwork. If you do this often enough, the tasks will be smaller each time you do them!

4. Take a Deep Breath

Because you took the steps to making your brain and to-do list more organized, you are well on your way to creating a clutter free, stress free home and life.

Some other helpful tips to getting mentally organized:


While my expertise is in organizing, I know from experience that exercise, yoga, and fresh air, are great de-stressing tools that are available to us all. Be sure in all that Scheduling, you make time for you, and for your mental health.

Make it a party!

If you are alone, blast some music and dance while you purge and organize your space. If you have a day where the whole family is home, put on some tunes and have everyone declutter an area that is important to them, and when everyone is done- Celebrate! Do something fun together and feel proud!

Thank you for reading! More blogs to come- Please Stay Tuned and have a wonderful day.



Sorting For Serenity

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