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Organizing Mail

When it comes to mail. Use a decorative box, or one that brings you joy. and use it for papers that need to be filed away and empty it weekly.

I personally prefer this box to have a lid, because when I don't have to see the papers I feel less stressed and I know that these are papers that don't require action.

I use a simple desk top file organizer for papers that still require attention. I like this to remain visible.

A nice folder with a label that says “Action required” is a nice way to stay organized in a pretty way.

On the inside of the folder you can label each pocket with “immediately” and “later” this will help prevent you from getting overwhelmed with the tasks inside.

Whatever your method of organizing is, when it comes to mail/paperwork, it is very important to use discretion when it comes to deciding what can be tossed and what should be kept.

Want to know a secret? Most mail and documents can be thrown away or shredded.

In this wonderful world of technology, most statements, bills, and other “important information” are digitized and not only are they safely saved in an online document that is date and timestamped, but most of these papers can easily be switched to email if you give the company a call.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!


Sorting For Serenity

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