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Organizing vs. Fitness

Organizing is just as much about maintenance, and conscious decision making as sticking to a health and fitness regiment.

The difference is... you see immediate results and you don’t have to give up bread!

There are probably a million people that can relate to that “new years resolution” motivation to start working out and eating healthy.

You buy the protein shakes, and the ankle weights, and the fitbit, and maybe even a Peloton.

You pump out a workout that left you sore for 3 days, and even though you really WANTED to stick with didn't.

And it got away from you.

And suddenly that summer body you wanted is more wintery than ever.

The same can be said for those who have attempted to get organized.

You have bought the bins, and shelves, and labels, and a fresh pack of sharpies (even though you know you have a pack around here somewhere...grrr).

You have started going through things, and you have thrown away 2 garbage bags of stuff, and donated 4! plan on donating it. After you drive it around in the trunk of your car for another month. You really wanted to keep it up but you got burnt out, overwhelmed, busy, or all of the above.

In any case, the mess has gotten away from you.

And now you are wishing the pandemic would last forever so you dont ever have to allow anyone into your house ever again.

Now, I don’t want you to get anxious about the exercise analogy. No need to break out the leg warmers.

...Unless you want to, that’s fine too.

But the truth is, when you reach your fitness goal, you need to continue to exercise and eat healthy to maintain that goal. If you approach organizing in the same way that you would approach a healthy lifestyle, you are far more likely to stay organized.

Schedule small organizing appointments with yourself. 15 mins a day. One day your car, one day your junk drawer, one day the mail, one day your desk, one day the fridge, one day your calendar… I mean, the options are endless!

And don't forget that trip to the donation center of your choice.

I promise you, if you give yourself 15 mins everyday, you will see that you are becoming more organized in every aspect of your life. It may even motivate you to get back on that Peloton.

I can’t stop at 15 mins. I get so motivated I almost always end up organizing more. You might be surprised to find that you feel the same way.

Just like walking out of the gym with jiggly legs. Knowing that you have put in the effort to have the organized life that you want, is a wonderful feeling and an accomplishment.

Put it on the calendar. Set your alarm. Pick a small space... and tackle it.

Still feeling under motivated and ovewhelmed?

Just as a personal trainer helps motivate and guide you through fitness, a Professional Organizer is there to motivate you, inspire you, and teach you. They also implement products, tools, and strategies to help create better habits. There is absolutely no shame in asking for help from a professional when it comes to fitness, organizing, or whatever else improves your well being.

Happy Organizing!


Sorting For Serenity

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